Clairol: Textures & Tones & A Patsy Cline Wig

                                       Tis the season to dress up like your favorite character. The typical request for the long black wig is so mundane, However when someone comes in with a unique  request the challenge begins. My challenge: A client wants to dress up like Patsy Cline! She’s like, ” I’ve got the perfect dress and now I need the hair”, and to both of our surprise there she was , on my counter; Patsy Cline, the wig that is. She wasn’t quite the right color unless you count that sepia tinted photo where Patsy Cline’s  hair appears to be auburn. Well, after a dye session and a curl re-set. She is a lovely dark brown and set to go. I enjoyed my challenge so and was pleased with the results So, I thought I would post how to dye a 100% human hair wig. 

                              I placed a plastic bag over a mannequin head and placed the wig on it. I clamped the wig  in four sections.  I used  Textures & Tones by Clairol. Texture & Tones works beautifully, because it is very moisture rich. I  used a small brush, a tooth-brush to be exact and applied the color and brushed gently at the weft to the ends until I covered the whole wig. I allowed the color to remain on the wig for several hours ( it was somewhat dry) before I rinsed the wig. I placed the wig in lukewarm water and allowed the wig to soak for about 5 min. I then poured out that water and  ran clean water back into the basin and rinsed about 4 to 5 times. I then filled the basin with lukewarm water and allowed the conditioner to blend into the water and then added the wig. Texture & Tones by Clairol comes with Pantene Pro V Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner. The conditioning effects are visible immediately. I allow the wig to soak in the conditioner for about 5 min. then I rinse and repeat with cool water  until the water is clear. 

Tips: If you find your wig cap has a lot of dye trapped and the water just won’t come clear. Turn the wig inside out. The hair part of the wig should be inside and the inner cap should only be visible, now take your brush and apply ( Pantnene Shampoo) to the cap. Rinse the wig several times.

Let  the wig dry naturally if possible.Using a travel/shampoo wig mannequin is best.